Autumn Wreath 2013


Long time no post! My apologies, everyone, life got in the way of crafting and now that I’ve graduated from college and moved to a new town, I finally have time to craft and blog again! The leaves are turning and the weather is turning crisp, so I had the urge this morning to make a wreath for the front door! A quick trip to the craft store and some twisting and bow-making later, here is the final product!

Autumn Wreath

I’ve never made a wreath before, so I stuck with a pre-made base (only $5 at Michaels!) and twisted in craft flowers with long stems.


This cluster of flowers has two mini crows peeking out from behind.


These two mini crows seem to be guarding the bow that holds the wreath to the door.




The bows were a lot of fun to make – I used this tutorial to do them, and it’s really easy to do! The ribbon I bought (“Celebrate It” brand) has wire already in the edging, so it was easy to twist around itself to keep together.

Have any favorite styles of wreaths or tips for future designs? Leave them in the comments!

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19 hours until my Indiegogo campaign ends!


With only 19 hours left until my Indiegogo campaign ends, I’m still trying to reach my new goal of $1000 so that I can purchase a new lens for my camera. Please help me by reposting, emailing, tweeting about it!! If you want to @ tag me on Twitter, my handle is @thegreyladies. Thank you!



Steampunk Earrings!


This past week, I ordered a bunch of gears and such to use in my wristcuffs. When I got them, however, they were SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than I was expecting! Definitely not usable in my cuffs, but by playing around with them, I realized that I could make them into earrings! So far I’ve managed to get 4 pairs out of all the bits and bobs, but I’m getting down to the much smaller pieces now, so I’m not sure how many more I can make.

I’ll be selling these earrings at the craft faire at LeakyCon in two weeks. Here’s a sneak peek!

I’ve also been working on wrist cuffs again, and have about 7 new Slytherin ones made! I’ll be posting images and such soon. There are still a ton of wrist cuffs up for sale on my Etsy shop, so go check them out!



Ascendio 2012 – Costumes and Craft Faire


It’s been nearly a week, but I’m finally settled back home after Ascendio, the Harry Potter convention I went to in Orlando, FL. The convention was incredible, and I’ve posted a blog about it from the performer’s perspective on the Harry Potter Alliance’s Imagine Better blog (view it here).

Steampunk Fabric Dreamer at Ascendio 2012’s Craft Faire – Photo Credit: Jenn Racek/HPEF 2012

Beyond performing, one of my major experiences at Ascendio was the Craft Faire, and it was a HUGE success! I sold out of all of my Slytherin wrist cuffs and most of my Ravenclaw ones. I’m going to be attending LeakyCon in just a couple of weeks in Chicago, where I will be selling more cuffs. :) The above is a photo of me at my booth from the Craft Faire. If you missed my booth at the Craft Faire, weren’t able to attend Ascendio, or just would like to purchase any wrist cuffs, what remains of my stock is available on my Etsy shop at

Performing “In Noctem” – Photo Credit: Jenn Racek/HPEF 2012

I also had the opportunity to wear my Rowena Ravenclaw costume a couple of times at the convention…including at our musical revue performance Wands x Wands x Wizards! I was in three group numbers, and was Ron in “The Mysterious Ticking Noise”! :)

“Put love in your heart” – Photo Credit: Jenn Racek/HPEF 2012

“The Weapon We Have Is Love” – Photo Credit: Jenn Racek/HPEF 2012

Another Indiegogo Campaign Update!


Hey everyone,

As you know, my Indiegogo campaign reached its funding goal a couple weeks ago – so I decided to up my goal for the end of the campaign to $1000! I would love to be able to purchase a new lens for my Nikon D40x so that I may expand on and explore my senior project in more depth.

The campaign ends on July 30th, just 10 days away, and every day I am having a friend record a video talking about bullying and my project. As of right now, I am just $255 shy of my $1000 goal. Even a donation of $5 could make the difference. If you’re not able to donate, I completely understand. Even just passing the link along to others who might be interested in the project could help. Thank you so much, and thank you to those who have already donated.



UPDATE: Indiegogo funding goal reached!!


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated to my campaign! The contributions have reached $715 as of yesterday, and I am over the moon. Thank you for believing in me and my project, and for getting me this far! I will do everything in my power to honor your contributions with the best possible photography project that I can create.

There are still 23 days left for this campaign, and I am going to raise the goal that I am aiming for to $1000. I would love to be able to take close-up shots for this project, and my DSLR’s standard 15-55 mm lens doesn’t allow for that. I have, however, found a NIKKORmacro lens that would fit my needs perfectly if I had the funding. So please, keep emailing, tweeting, posting on Facebook and any other media platforms so that I can create an amazing project for you all!

Thank you again,


Another wrist cuff + $85 to go!


Hey everyone,

As of today, I have raised $615 for my senior comprehensive project! I’m only $85 away from reaching my goal, and it’s thanks to people like you who support my artistic endeavors via donations, tweets, links in blogs and Facebook, etc. Thank you so much to all of you!!

There are still 27 days left for this campaign, so please spread the word and help me make this project happen! Any contribution you are able to give to this project will be greatly appreciated. <3 Link:

Here is another cuff I’ve made to sell at HPEF’s Ascendio! No house colors this time, and it turned out so great!